Mongonche Rebecca Kenneth Banks oh nana thats my name, but please feel free to call me becca, i'm an artist. i sing, dance (when im alone:), design, cook, sew, sketch, photographer (i do photoshoot, just hit me up on here for more information:), writer, and a musician. i'm all for creativity, i express my self in different ways. 16 y.o, PURE AFRICAN BREED, Liberian and proud. i post and reblog whatever catches my fancy and explains me in some sort of way, i'm starting to write most of my post in french so for translation just ask. lol im a really nice person, i LOVE making people laugh, seeing joy on others faces brings joy to me, the simple things makes me truly happy, but i'm a difficult girl, and i dont hide that, i am who i am take it or leave it i dont sugar coat myself or my personality. I'm happy and content for now had too many rainy days but my sun still shines. anything else ask me in my ask box:]